Rittal / IT-решения

Permanent availability of your IT systems is undoubtedly crucial.
This is your company's heartbeat. For this reason, it is important to ensure stable conditions for your complex server and software system architecture. With this in mind, Rittal combines the five key elementary infrastructure components to create an extremely variable, and above all secure system: Rack, Power, Cooling, Security, Monitoring & Remote Management.

With Rittal, a high level of IT availability is guaranteed.

Network enclosures / server racks

Rittal offers innovative, cost-effective solutions for all types of IT enclosure systems.

Network enclosures in many sizes and designs with an extensive range of accessories for maximum flexibility  – from a simple floor distributor to high performance data centre with high density requirements. Server racks with maximum load capacity and an extensive range of system accessories for maximum security for server integration.

Rittal network enclosures
This always means access to the holistic solution, the integrative Rittal system.

  • The right system for all applications, from floor distributor to data centre
  • Infinite possibilities for cable management.
  • Extensive range of system accessories for all network tasks

Rittal enclosure solutions are far more than just the width, height and depth of the enclosure.

Rittal offers a range of server racks
which are sure to impress, thanks to their versatility, innovative technology and stylish performance.
We have the perfect rack for your application – i.e. in data centres, server rooms or as stand-alone solutions. Functionality and assembly-friendliness are basic requirements.
Modern server racks must also meet exacting standards in terms of power supply, climate control and access protection. Every application is different. Rittal is designed for this. With "Rittal  The System."

Rittal – The System.
IT enclosures based on the TS 8   proven a million times over for maximum flexibility and reliability. And with system compatible solutions for power supply, cooling, security and monitoring – the basis for exacting IT applications.


Rittal offers maximum system reliability when it comes to developing future-oriented solutions for power supply and all aspects of power management. Rittal’s teams of engineers and technicians are forever developing new, integrative complete solutions for reliable, cost-effective IT power supply and distribution. Miniaturisation and the escalating performance of hardware components pose particular challenges for a modern energy management concept. Innovative Rittal power concepts for energy distribution and protection accommodate all requirements in terms of redundancy, scalability and availability. No loss of production, no breakdown in communications. Rittal takes care of it.


Rittal Security Management Concept
Effective prevention, comprehensive security and central organisation of rack security. The new modular CMC-TC accommodates even the most individual security solutions, thanks to its plug & play modular system.